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Demo Flight Waiver

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I hereby request a demo flight in an experimental aircraft known as a Titan Tornado for the purpose of evaluating the purchase of a new kit from Titan Aircraft Inc. I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I fully understand and accept that there are certain hazards and elements of danger inherent in many, if not all, activities which are beyond the control of North Georgia Sport Planes, Titan Aircraft Inc, and demo pilot John Traylor. I realize that my participation in these activities may result in personal injury or death.

Now therefore, intending to be legally bound, I hereby waive, for myself, and anyone else claiming through me, my right to sue or recover damages from North Georgia Sport Planes, Titan Aircraft Inc., or demo pilot John Traylor for any injury to my person, loss of life, and any damage or loss of personal property which may arise out of my participation in this demo flight in this experimental aircraft.

Further, I understand that no one but myself is responsible for judging my qualifications or for my safety when I choose to participate in any activity as dangerous as flying an experimental aircraft. I have received , read, understand, and accept the contents of this liability waiver and it will remain binding on myself, my family, my heirs, and any other persons related or not claiming rights to sue in my name for a period of not less than 100 years.

In exchange for a demo flight to evaluate the Titan Tornado, I hereby make a $100 deposit on a new Titan Aircraft Inc. kit. This deposit is non-refundable if I choose not to fulfill the purchase contract on a new kit from North Georgia Sport Planes. If I choose to purchase a kit from North Georgia Sport Planes, the $100 deposit will be returned directly to the undersigned upon the completion of payments to Titan Aircraft Inc. All demo flights will last between 15-30 minutes.





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